The 5 Types of People I Celebrated With After SCOTUS Struck Down DOMA (and more or less eliminated Prop 8)

1. The Overjoyed Gay!1editCheers, Tears, Lots of hugs.  TODAY EQUALITY AND LOVE PREVAIL!

2. The Grumpy Gay

2editMyopic, Self-centered, Lonely.  Today isn’t all about you!

3. The Straight Ally Who’s Almost Happier Than Me

3edit  Supportive, Enthusiastic, Congratulatory. We’re all in this together!

4. The Clipboard-Carrying Activist

4editStrategic, Engaging, Rainbow-clad. Let’s ride this wave of enthusiasm and get some email addresses!

5. The Married Couple Who Feels A Little More In Love Today; And The Unmarried Couple Who’s Considering Marriage A Little Bit More Today


Adorable, Compelling, Panic-stricken??  Honey, you know I’d say yes…!

Good day for history, good for us all.

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