CODE Hotties

Leatherboys: Jason, me, Matt

Here’s a sexy pic for all the pervs out there who read my blog.  I hope each and every one of you is a perv…cause that means you’re human and honest.

I love this photo because it captures several cool things about my leather life.  First, these are two of my good friends, Jason and Matt.  I met these guys at the end of the summer at the Eagle and quickly bonded with them over our mutual love of kink and geek.  We like to wear harnesses and collectively we know just about everything from Star Trek to influential Sci Fi authors to D&D and CCGs (if you know what those last 2 are you must also be a supreme geek and thus AWESOME).

Random sidenote: I’ve come to realize that there are a lot of guys in the L.C. who are also into sci fi/geeky stuff.  It’s such a beautiful overlap because I finally have a group of friends who understand, appreciate, and willingly indulge in mutual interests that can otherwise weird people out.  “You like Vulcans?  Weird.”  “You like wearing jockstraps under a suit?  Strange.”  “You like licking a Sir’s boots while he watches Babylon 5?”  Awesome.

Anyway, Jason & Matt are two of the first guys my age who I met at the Eagle and they have helped make the bar a really social place for me.  I originally went to the Eagle hunting for leather daddies.  Now I go to hang out with my friends…and still hunt leather daddies.  The boy in me is very happy to have other boys to hang out with…makes me want to strip to my underwear and run through the woods howling in a pack.  We get to explore things together…and share in our adventures.

And we also seem to share a common aesthetic when it comes to gear.  I swear we did NOT plan to dress the same on this night.  Neoprene shorts and harnesses are all the rage with the under 30 crowd.  Significant trend in the L.C.??

Once again it’s all about community.  The older men welcome and train, the young men bond and encourage each others’ growth.  This is why Thursday CODE night has become my most social night of the week…and why I think of the Eagle as my “Cheers”.


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