A Fetish for Fashion

On The Catwalk

Hot lights, camera flashes, loud cheers, staring eyes.  So many eyes.  Smiles 🙂

Walk, walk fashion baby, work it, move that bitch crazy.

I emerge from behind the curtain into the sea of people waiting to see and enjoy whatever fashion statement is coming next.  Despite my enthusiasm for being a model and my relative ease with my personal body image, I’m still nervous as WHOA as soon as I hit the hot air filling the room and hear the audience’s cheers.  As I strut down the makeshift catwalk–trying to look fierce, or at least comfortable–I pick out a few familiar and friendly faces and give them some smiles and winks (and even a kiss or two).  My chest is bare, my ass is showing, my heart is beating.  I hit the corners, do the turns, and find myself back on the other side of the curtain once again.  WOW…that was incredible…and nerve wracking.  I want to do it again.

Fetish for Fashion–put on by our friends at Folsom Street East–was an amazing event and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it.  Thanks to MANSKINS‘ designers Christophe André and Kyle Farmer, I was able to be one of the models on Saturday and wear some very hip, very current gear.  MANSKINS “recognizes no 2 men are the same; codes, fetish and fashion collide” in their collection and their use of leather, rubber, camo, and even denim in their gear combines (from my perspective) classic Leather traditions with some very new and edgy stylizing.

Also representing at the show were NYC’s The Leather Man with their consistently bold gear and Wonder Wear, a fashionable underwear shop in the West Village.  I saw lots of neoprene and leather from The Leather Man, as well as a fun wrestling singlet (yeah sports gear), and all their manly models were looking good.  The Wonder Wear boys were well sculpted and definitely fulfilled everyone’s underwear fetish for the evening.

But enough with words!  Check out the images below from that fun evening:

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