Fierce Fetish Video

Captured Angel

Remember when I referenced a top secret video project going on at the Eagle?  Well friends today is the BIG REVEAL.

Filmed entirely at the Eagle NYC, this is Q’s (aka MISS DOLLHEAD) epic music video showcasing his talents as a hair stylist and his flare for gender-bending styling.  What you should know about Q: he’s awesome, he’s fierce (and not the kind you see on Bravo, he’s for real fierce), you can find him manning the ManSkins leather/gear shop at the Eagle, and he works at the lavish Bumble and bumble salon over on W 13th St.

What you should know about the video: our first taping turned out to be too HOT for Bumble and bumble, so we went back and toned it down a bit; Troy A. Riddle of Troy Alexander Photography is the man behind the camera and who worked hard in the editing room to give us this video; no models were hurt during the filming of this video despite the collars/leashes/high heels.

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