How Boycotting Accomplishes Nothing Except Giving Me My Power Back

Drag queens who know my pain (see their music video below)

I’m boycotting Chick-Fil-A to take a stand against their anti-gay actions.  I’m refusing to eat their delicious chicken sandwiches and lovely golden waffle fries as a form of protest.  The ~$40 I would spend there a year is $40 less to fuel the hate machine.  I know Chick-fil-A doesn’t feel the impact of my refusal, but I sure do.

I was in the Atlanta airport a little while ago with my partner when I learned about the need to boycott.  We were in the south for a connecting flight and once off the plane I quickly scanned a map for the nearest in-airport chicken samich station.  I was so excited to eat this familiar food that in recent years had gained the status of the “only fast food I’ll eat” (Chipotle doesn’t count, right?)…and then my partner told me, “We’re not eating that.  They give money to ignorant bigots.”  Instantly I became vegan.

Not really, but I was so upset to hear the story.  And I knew I couldn’t give any more money to a company that helps crush equality.

Now of course it can be hard to precisely direct my protest at a corporation when there are layers of intention mixed up with their financial donations. But really the point isn’t to bring down the chicken fast food joint (obviously my little protest isn’t going to make a difference to their profits in the slightest).  The point is about giving me a voice to say, “Hey, there’s something wrong here and I want others to know! I will speak out when I see injustice” and in speaking out I get back some of the power that was taken from me when teachers, pastors, and parents told me that I’m a perversion of humanity. Chick-Fil-A isn’t the enemy, but they’ve made themselves a target by supporting groups who hate homosexuals. And taking my own small action against them makes me feel stronger and more able to continue the work of creating an equal world.

So screw you Chick-fil-A.  Maybe you’ll wise up eventually and realize that supporting people will be much better for you in the long run.  Target has been changing their ways and is now even producing a line of LGBT pride shirts (gasp!).  The future is inclusive and full of queers…lots of strong, happy queers who love themselves more than anyone can hate them.

Now enjoy a fabulous song by 3 beautiful women:

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2 Responses to How Boycotting Accomplishes Nothing Except Giving Me My Power Back

  1. Chris Nagy says:

    I refuse to eat there for the same reason, so that makes 2 in on the boycott

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