New Title, New Direction

After a lot of thought and consideration, I’m relaunching my blog as something a bit different than what it started out as three and a half years ago.  A lot has happened in my life, in the life of the city, and in the gay community as a whole in that time.  I still plan to write about my thoughts and experiences as this is an evolving tale told through my scruffy gay man’s lens.  The topics of maturing, body image, sex and relationships, and the gradual social and politic shifts impacting the queer community will be featured, as well as spotlights on men in the City who are doing cool and important work.

My goal is to reflect on and share my experiences so we all have something more to think on and talk about with each other.

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1 Response to New Title, New Direction

  1. Hey Justin, glad to be following your blog and nice to see you again at the gym 🙂

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