Contest 2011

The Champion


Last night was the Mr. Eagle 2011 contest–a prelude to what I shall be doing in a year.  It was awesome!  And gave me A LOT to think about.

There were 2 finalists: (1) Christopher, a slim 25 year old with a genuine heart whose hanky color is beige/left pocket, and (2) CB, a handsome man with a firm connection to the bar and community whose hanky color is dark green/left pocket (hanky code reference chart).

Both men showed us and the judges their 3 looks: bar, jockstrap, and formal, and gave speeches about why they want to become Mr. Eagle.  I applaud both of them for having the guts to stand in front of the mass of leather folks for the competition.  In the end, CB was awarded the title and is now our proud Mr. Eagle 2011.

From watching the competition I learned several important things:

  • First, I need more leather gear!  I only started getting gear a few months ago and as of right now I would only be able to compete in ONE of the three categories (the “bar” one I could do).  Gear is expensive too…so I’ll need the next year to wisely gather the items I need (and according to Mr. Eagle 2007, Rick, you can find GREAT items for cheap on ebay and in thrift shops).
  • Second, I need to continue to integrate and get to know my leather brothers so I can be a good man (boy?) to represent them.  This is easy!  I love these guys!  The more I get to know them, the more I want to be with them!
  • Third, I need to get a real focus for my charity work.  Currently I do some volunteer work with HRC for marriage equality and I’m also getting involved in an online social movement promoting marriage equality.  I need to really think about where I’m putting my energies.

LOTS to think about…

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