Gropes OK!

A casual interaction at the Eagle

One of the great things I’m learning from the Leather Community is how to be open and expressive about my sexuality.  Sex is one of the dominant forces that drives all life on earth…and I really feel that for gay men in the L.C. the sex drive is a primary motivating force behind all actions (the bond of brotherhood is also a powerful force).

Physical affection is the norm and a leatherman freely gives and receives gropes and nipple pinches to his brothers.  Gay men in general tend to be more affectionate in their greetings than straight men (a kiss on the cheek combined with an embrace vs. a handshake) and I’ve observed that men in the L.C. are even more affectionate with a kiss right on the lips combined with an embrace/grope/ass grab/nipple pinch.  It’s great!

The affection…the flirting…it’s all very direct and real…and still warm and friendly.  Men care about each other and they are attracted to each other…and I feel like sex is so normalized.  Coming from a strict conservative background where sex was more often a sin than a pleasure, I find a great deal of relief in a community that takes such a casual and open approach to it all.

I’ve also observed that men in the L.C. respect boundaries and limits and actively look out for each others’ safety and well-being.  Men are willing to share knowledge and introduce new experiences and all along the way they make sure you are safe and ok.  It’s a great way to explore and learn…and enjoy 🙂

In a society that doesn’t always deal with sexuality in the healthiest way, I feel the L.C. is a great place to just BE and experience.  I can ask any question or talk about any thought/feeling and get judgment-free responses.  No subject it taboo, no desire is wrong* (*between consenting adults).  The leathermen are down to earth and honest…and extremely filthy 😉

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2 Responses to Gropes OK!

  1. don says:

    Great points about sexuality in the L.C. For me personally I have to be comfortable with my own sexuality. There are guys out there who like what they see when they look at me. Sometimes I think they actually see more worth in me than I see myself.

    Thanks Justin for your honest, forward approach to expressing your experiences.

    • becomingmreagle says:

      Feel empowered dude! When you believe in yourself, others will follow. If people see good things in you, then there most likely are! SO embrace that and blossom.

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