THIS Saturday night at the NYC Eagle, the awesome kinky fundraiser JAIL&BAIL is taking place.  The fifth installment of this event involves getting your friends, lovers, secret crushes, and even yourself “arrested” by Leathermen police officers and then tied up, chained up, flogged, paddled, spanked and generally given an overall good time (all totally safe and fun).  All proceeds from the arrests go to the HIV/AIDS services of the LGBT Center Of NYC (what a great cause!).

The Eagle is great to allow us to do this fundraiser and I personally volunteered to start the evening off with my bare ass exposed and ready for some discipline (all for a good cause, of course).  If you’ve ever wanted to play around with some bondage and flogging, now’s your chance 🙂  The leathermen will be fair and gentle, unless you request otherwise.  So come on out Saturday night and have some BDSM fun!

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