Guide for a Typical CODE Night

Your Unofficial Guide

Recently it has come to my attention that my readership has been expanding to include folks not in the leather scene, straights, and grandmas.  These readers are very interested in what goes on in the leather community and have been asking specifically about CODE night at the Eagle.  So today’s post is a fun description and guide for a typical CODE night (at least from my perspective)…

Phase 1, First Floor: Entry and arrival –> Arrive early (~10:30pm) so you can get a feel for the bar and not be overwhelmed by any possible crowds.  At the door you will most likely be greeted and IDed by big beautiful Pete.  He’s a nice guy with shoulders as big as a comic book character’s.

Coat check –> This is where you strip off some-to-most of your street clothes and get to be all in gear (woof!).  There’s an area just to the left of coat check where you can take on-and-off boots/pants/coats/shirts/etc.  This is a GREAT opportunity to look sexy while you bend over to lace up your boots (make sure your greatest asset is pointed towards potential flirts).  The guy working coat check will most likely be Eric who will be holding some sort of medical text book (he’s studying to be a nurse).  He’s nice and chatty and keeps your stuff organized while you go play.

Ready to make your appearance –> Breathe in, breathe out.  Adjust cockring if necessary.  Remember people love confidence and a lot of the folks at the Eagle on a Thursday are friendly and would love to chat with you.  Go forth!

Phase 2, Second Floor: Pool table room –> In general, this is probably the sketchiest space at the Eagle due to the various objectives of the men who hang out here.  The bathrooms are also located here and you have 2 options: first door on the right is to a smaller bathroom where men mostly just go pee and step back out.  The second door on the right is to a larger bathroom and tends to cater to men who want a more communal experience.  When you stand in one bathroom you can see through to the other via a fence above the urinals.  These urinals are sometimes used as an opportunity to get to know other patrons.  If you feel intimidated by anyone, simply turn to them and smile and say hello.  Sweet charm is very disarming to a deviant and remember when you’re confident, others will recognize this and know their place.

Follow the CODE

CODE area –> This is what you came for!  If you’re in proper gear, the heavy black curtain will be open to you and you can pass into the main part of the second floor.  The long bar is usually worked by Greg and Merch, both top notch and handsome men.  On Thursdays there are drink specials for folks in gear so take advantage if you’re feeling a little nervous.  Opposite the bar you will see the Eagle store where Christophe or Q will be working and helping guys out with their gear needs.  Just like in an RPG, this is the handy market to further outfit yourself before the adventure of the night.  Christophe is good at adjusting your harness/armbands so you look your best.

Also in this area you will find the DJ booth, Jake the Barber, and Kyle the Bootblack.  If you want a manly trim or a boot shine to help augment your appearance, these guys will help you out.  Hang out in this area for a little while and cruise who comes in.  If someone wearing a shirt walks by, encourage him to take it off…cause honestly the night is more fun sans-shirts.

Phase 3, Roof deck: Chill out –> Probably the most chill location at the Eagle, the roof deck is an ideal spot on a warm evening.  This is the place to smoke a cigar (or smell one if that’s you thing) and get to know the folks around you.  You can stand off to the side and creepily stare at men, or simply walk up to one and say, “hey, you’re cute/handsome/hot/smell good” and proceed from there.  Remember, confidence is sexy.

There are some other spots around the bar, but I’ll let you have the joy of exploring those yourself.  For someone who’s has never been, the Eagle can be a bit intimidating (lord knows the stories I heard before my first visit made me feel very anxious about checking the bar out) and that’s why I emphasize confidence (that and I think people would benefit from chilling out a bit and simply believing in themselves…*listens to own advice*).

For more info or to book a guided tour, see me at the Eagle Thursday night.

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4 Responses to Guide for a Typical CODE Night

  1. CB, Mr. Eagle NYC 2011 says:

    Justin, Great post! You did the walk/talk thru in a very impressive manner. CB

  2. leesean says:

    fascinating insider’s view.

  3. Jay says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough. Coming from Delaware and Thursday is the only night I can make it to the Eagle. My only question is if you can get to the roofdeck without needing access to the code area. Thanks!

  4. ExMil Man says:

    Is the barber there every night or just code night?
    How much does he charge (and do u need to tip)?

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