MEN OF THE SASH: 2012 Charity Calendar of Titleholders

A whole year of Leathermen staring you down

Your 2012 leatherman calendar is here!  Jed Ryan, Mr. Rawhide 2011, and some of his loyal brothers have put together a fun and HOT calendar to celebrate our community and raise money for worthy causes.  This calendar features 12 titleholders from across the Leather Nation each with his own style, scent, and message.  All proceeds go towards charity and you get to enjoy hot men year round.  Here’s more from Mr. Rawhide about the project:

What inspired you to make this calendar?

The idea to do “Men of the Sash” had been floating around in my head for a couple of years, since I first got involved in the Leather world–but when I won the Title of Mr. Rawhide 2011 in March, I decided the time was right.  As a Titleholder, you’re expected to do more than just look sexy in your gear; you’re expected to raise money for charity–and its most fitting, I believe, to choose charities that benefit the Leather Nation and/or the LGBT community as a whole.  That’s why I chose the Leather Archives & Museum as one of the beneficiaries because they are dedicated to preserving decades worth of Leather/BDSM/fetish history.  The second organization I picked was The HIV/AIDS Services of the LGBT Center of New York City because HIV/AIDS is an issue that continues to affect our entire community on a day-to-day basis.  I wanted to do something that would be a winning situation for all–for charity, for the participants, and of course, for whoever has the calendar up on their wall!

There are a lot of titleholders out there.  How did you chose the men who are featured?
All of these guys are men I know personally and who I have gotten to know over the past few years.  All of them are very dedicated to the Leather or Bear communities in their own unique way and, as you can see, they are a wide variety of– shall we say, “types”.  That’s just what I wanted.  “Sexy” comes in all shapes and sizes, don’t you agree?!

What role do you think title holders play in our community?
A lot of people in the LGBT world at large think of Leathermen as too tied up (ahem!… ) in tradition, and too identified with the past– especially in New York City, where everything is focused on moving full steam ahead towards the next big thing waiting to happen.  Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but I believe that Leather guys are among the last bastions of traditional masculinity and male beauty (along with wrestlers, rugby players, and cowboys!) .  We really hold sacred the values of loyalty, philanthropy, and respect for tradition.  Titleholders are role models, so it’s up to us to promote these positive aspects of our community.  It’s with Leathermen and Bears that I feel most at home and have the most fun; and, as anyone who knows me will tell you, “Leather Butts Drive Me Nuts”!

How can someone get their hungry little paws on one of these handsome calendars?
Anyone who wants “Men of the Sash” can contact me at  If you live in New York City or the adjacent areas, We can meet up or I can deliver to your door.  I will also ship anywhere.  There will be calendars for sale at the upcoming event “Men In Black” at New York City’s Rockbar on Friday, November 4th.  We will have some of the models there for a meet and greet.  I will be a Special Guest at The Will Clark Show at Pieces on Wednesday, November 30th for “Night of 1,000 Santas”,  and I’ll have calendars there too. Other events are in the works.  The best thing to do is to hit me up, either by e-mail or by Facebook.

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Men of the Months
January – Mr. Connecticut Leather 2011 Tim White (AKA Leatherdaddy Tim)
February – Mr. New Jersey Leather 2011 Rob Vitale (AKA scruffy)
March – Mr. Boston Leather 2011 David Durman
April – Mid-Atlantic leatherboy 2011 Andy Tonken
May – Mr. DC Eagle 2011 Mike Kramer
June – Mr. Tri-State Leather 2010 Russ Donaldson
July – Mr. Metrobear NYC 2011 Sunshine Richard McLean
August – Mr. Stonewall Bear 2011 Mike Fass (AKA Drummerbear)
September – Mr. Metrocub NYC 2011 Heriberto Oquendo Jr.
October – Mr. Rawhide NYC 2011 Jed Ryan
November – Mr. Ohio Leather 2011 Mike Greisinger
December – Mr. Eagle NYC 2011 C.B. Kirby

Rob Ordonez, Chris SKelley, and Scott G. Brooks.

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