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My Biggest Mistake

In the four years I’ve been in NYC, I’ve been through about three cycles of friends.  Not because I’m some drama queen who’s always cutting fools outta my life, but simply because in this town people come and go as … Continue reading

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Hey Gays, Stop Hating Your Body

I just walked out of a restaurant in Chelsea screaming.  I’m pretty sure I flipped over the table as well, but the blinding rage makes my memory a bit fuzzy.  The last thing I remember is two skinny gays lamenting … Continue reading

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The Value and Values of Middle-Aged Men

Despite society’s obsessive worship of youth, there’s still a whole lot of sexiness and desire associated with men of certain age.  Middle-aged men–or my preferred moniker, “daddies”–are arguably one of the most desirable groups in gay taxonomy with entire profile … Continue reading

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The jockstrap: the simplest and most potently masculine of all garments.  This hot little ass-hugging strap has been supporting men for over a hundred years with only a slight dip in popularity in the 80’s and 90’s when compression shorts … Continue reading

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The Man Behind the Screen

It happens all the time.  I ask my friend if knows some guy from the community.  I give a description, a first name, a few unique traits and get a, “uuuhhh, not sure…” response.  I provide a screen name and … Continue reading

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Mid-Atlantic Leather: RECAP

The first night I walk in out of the cold into the Hyatt and am instantly hit by warm air and the roaring mumble of many men talking and laughing at once in a large open space.  A few more … Continue reading

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MID-ATLANTIC LEATHER: A few lessons from last year

In just two days I’ll be boarding a train to Washington, D.C. laden with my bags of gear and full of excitement for the much anticipated MID-ATLANTIC LEATHER weekend! *fireworks and howling* This will be my second year attending MAL … Continue reading

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2011: Rear End Review

2011 Retrospective, selected memories that shaped my year: It’s January, MAL, and I’m sitting in a hotel room with two muscular men in jockstraps talking about bondage.  Their handsome faces smile atop thick torsos while gesturing with tattooed arms.  I … Continue reading

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2 Weeks Unplugged: The Debrief

After last week’s post about being unplugged, I’ve spent the last 2 weeks abstaining (more or less) from my online profile sites in an attempt to break my addiction and experience the gay world more in reality and less online … Continue reading

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The Great Unplug

I have an addiction.  A dirty, tedious little addiction to online/mobile profile sites.    Currently I check 3 of them (really only care about 2) and spend way too much time browsing, flirting, and perving out, and far too little … Continue reading

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