The jockstrap: the simplest and most potently masculine of all garments.  This hot little ass-hugging strap has been supporting men for over a hundred years with only a slight dip in popularity in the 80’s and 90’s when compression shorts became the athletic gear of choice.  Today, locker rooms and gay bars boast jock brands from the classic Bike to high-tech Under Armor to fashionable Calvin Klein with a style and shape for every man.  The jock’s association with sports, male-only exclusivity of use, and revealing design make jocks both strong and sexy–two things we like in men.

Like a lot of guys, getting my first jock was a coming of age moment and made me feel like I was gaining entry into the Man Club (even though I was still on the cute side of puberty).  Ever since then I’ve loved wearing jocks and am always happy to see the distinctive lines of one on another man (ruff!).  In honor of this delicious piece of gear that has enthralled so many men, I’ve collected a few quotes and stories from guys about their thoughts on the jockstrap.  Enjoy 🙂

“I give my husband jocks like a straight man would give his wife lingerie.  He loves them and I love them…also easy access for me.  Some nights the jocks never even comes off him.” — Fashion designer

“I live in a jock; I don’t think I even own a pair of underwear.  Jocks are great and I love wearing them…doesn’t even have to necessarily be clean.  It’s one of the few pieces of clothing that’s better dirty.”  — MMA fighter

“One of my most intense locker room memories is from college when one day after gym class I walked into the showers and found a white jockstrap hanging from a towel rack.  The school issued us shorts, t-shirts, and even jocks for class if we asked and I always loved the idea of my fellow frat boy classmates wearing them.  Anyway, I was about to grab it when I heard someone in a shower stall and realized the jock must be his.  I didn’t care though…I quickly walked past and grabbed that jock and headed right back to my locker to get dressed.  As I was changing the guy from the shower came out and just happened to be using a locker a few down from me.  He was this rugby-playing, dark-haired guy and I panicked cause I just knew he knew I had taken his gear.  No one said anything until just as I was walking past him and out of the locker room he sort of mumbled, “enjoy it” without ever looking up at me.  I froze for a second and then just bolted.  It was intense…and so hot.” — US Army soldier

“I volunteered to be a manager of my high school football team–a really crappy, hard job because of all the work you have to do–just so I could be the one to wash all the team uniforms and gear.  That meant getting to feel and sniff about 40 jockstraps each week.  I was a tremendous pervert.  Still am.” — Chelsea bartender

“My ferret always stole my jock and hid it in his little nest.  Ferrets love stinky things and I guess that was the most glorious item in the house.” — Rugby player

Any of you have a jockstrap thought or story to share?  Please post in the comments.

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