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The jockstrap: the simplest and most potently masculine of all garments.  This hot little ass-hugging strap has been supporting men for over a hundred years with only a slight dip in popularity in the 80’s and 90’s when compression shorts … Continue reading

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Mid-Atlantic Leather: RECAP

The first night I walk in out of the cold into the Hyatt and am instantly hit by warm air and the roaring mumble of many men talking and laughing at once in a large open space.  A few more … Continue reading

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Rubber Brothers

“Rubber is not trying to be the new leather–it’s just an extension of the community,” says the man in a latex hood on stage hosting the Mr. American Rubber contest.  A shiny crowd of black, blue, yellow, and red rubber-wearing … Continue reading

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Folsom Street 2011

Somewhere along the way through all the bare chests and scruffy faces the sun had come out and brought warm light to the street fair.  The day had started rainy and chilly and I had regretfully spent the morning covered … Continue reading

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Beneath the Black Guard: Roman Troy

Here’s another installment of my interview series with men in the Leather/kink/BDSM community.  This edition features Roman Troy the mind and muscle behind X GEAR, the NYC-based fetish fight gear company for enthusiasts of MMA, Boxing, Wrestling and Marital Arts.  … Continue reading

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