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CRUISING with Chad States

Chad States is a sexy lad and photographer who recently released his first monograph entitled Cruising that features beautiful images of parks and locales where men hunt and indulge in primal connections.  An exploration of public spaces where these interactions … Continue reading

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MEN OF THE SASH: 2012 Charity Calendar of Titleholders

Your 2012 leatherman calendar is here!  Jed Ryan, Mr. Rawhide 2011, and some of his loyal brothers have put together a fun and HOT calendar to celebrate our community and raise money for worthy causes.  This calendar features 12 titleholders … Continue reading

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Rubber Brothers

“Rubber is not trying to be the new leather–it’s just an extension of the community,” says the man in a latex hood on stage hosting the Mr. American Rubber contest.  A shiny crowd of black, blue, yellow, and red rubber-wearing … Continue reading

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Happy National Coming Out Day!

Trumpets and glitter, it’s National Coming Out Day! Remember the agony?  The fear?  The sudden relief and freedom?  Coming out for many of us was a process that started off in darkness and ended in light…a realization that took courage … Continue reading

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It’s There, Go Play

A bright and sunny Sunday morning is a weird time to be outside the Eagle.  The sidewalk that’s usually shadowy with red tinted light is now blindingly bright in the sun.  Big metal blast doors cover the Eagle’s entryways and … Continue reading

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Boots In The Night

I stand on the subway platform in my boots and leather vest waiting in the heat for the next train headed west.  Two hipster gays across the tracks stare and whisper something to each other as we all mutually check … Continue reading

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I Now Pronounce You, Man and Man

I awoke last Saturday morning to a good-natured and joking proposal of marriage from my boyfriend.  “Did we get the vote?” I mumbled as I blurred into wakefulness.  Yes, we got the vote.  Fags can marry in New York now. … Continue reading

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