MID-ATLANTIC LEATHER: A few lessons from last year

Key phrase at Mid-Atlantic Leather: "yes Sir"

In just two days I’ll be boarding a train to Washington, D.C. laden with my bags of gear and full of excitement for the much anticipated MID-ATLANTIC LEATHER weekend! *fireworks and howling*

This will be my second year attending MAL and I’m returning a much wiser and more seasoned pup *tail wags*.  Last year was a blast, but overwhelming at times and I made a few rookie mistakes along the way.  Here is a quick list of lessons learned to help YOU in your MAL experience…

First, don’t eat or sleep–just have as much fun as possible every moment of the day.
Siiiiiiiike.  While meals and sleep somehow end up taking a backseat to other opportunities during the weekend, you should definitely make an effort to keep yourself well fueled and rested.  PACE YOURSELF.  Seriously.

Pack EVERY piece of gear you own cause you never know what you might need/want.
LORD, come on, you don’t really need every piece of gear.  While the weekend is a GREAT time to showcase your favorite neoprene and leather and make use of your favorite restraints and whips, remember that at the end of the day it aint about the gear.  Be selective to a certain degree cause you’re probably not going to accomplish every fantasy in the limited 3 days (and just some leather pants, a singlet, and a modest length of rope goes a long way).

Don’t use any discretion when selecting men to follow up to their hotel rooms.
Trust your gut!  A creeper feels like a creeper.  There are lots of wonderful, hot, fun men at MAL–don’t just settle on the first one who locks your hand in an iron-grip handshake and implores you to come with him.

Resign yourself to not talking to that really hot muscle bear cause you’re sure he’s totally not interested in you.
Take a chance!  Most people underestimate their attractiveness and value and you never know when an insanely hot man will be into you.  Go say hello…at the very least you’ll get to see him up close and may even get a whiff of his pits.

Have fun, make new friends, get to know your existing friends better.
Seriously, it’s a weekend of stimulating brotherhood and indulgence so invest in yourself and those around you.  You’ll come away with great memories and a slew of new Facebook buds to flirt with through the winter.

Full report next week.  See ya in DC!

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