Woof: the ubiquitous and obligatory expression of interest and affection found in gay culture, most commonly in the scruffy/furry/beefy/muscley subsection of Fagdom.  Written out or verbally communicated, “woof” is a common way to affectionately and succinctly say, “Oh I like you!”

We’ve all heard it and many of us have use the term, but few of us know where or why WOOF entered the gay lexicon.  Entire apps have dedicated functions to allow users to woof at other men, yet some guys don’t find the term endearing or attractive.

Here’s an amusing video from MISTER (the online meeting tool formally known as DADDYHUNT) that explores the use of “woof” in the Bear community.

I agree that “woof” isn’t really something a real live bear would say.  But then again making an authentic bear noise is about hard as making an authentic Wookie howl (oh how I wish I could!) so we have to settle on something the human tongue and vocal chords can form.  I find the term fun and primal as any good sexual communication should be and take a well-meaning “woof” as a compliment (especially if it’s uttered from the beard-framed mouth of a handsome man).

What do you folks think about the use of “woof”?  Anyone know the origins of this term?  Answer the survey so we can all get a kick out of stats later.

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2 Responses to “WOOF”

  1. William Keeble says:

    love woof i use it a lot with my boyfriend

  2. Bill says:

    It started at the “Stud” in Ft. Lauderdale by a couple few guys as a tribute to Madeline Kahn from a scene in “Young Frankenstein”. It has nothing to do with Bear origins.

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