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Folsom Street 2011

Somewhere along the way through all the bare chests and scruffy faces the sun had come out and brought warm light to the street fair.  The day had started rainy and chilly and I had regretfully spent the morning covered … Continue reading

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Where’s a Leatherman to Live?

Quick!  Name one of the most arduous tasks in NYC.  That’s right!  Apartment hunting!  And why is that?  Because there are millions of bizarrely laid out apartments filled with all manner of citizens with at least a quirk or five … Continue reading

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Bringing Leather to Tea

Fire Island: a land of legend, an island of social history…somewhere between fag fantasy and summer paradise reality.  Beautifully sculpted bodies supported by little more than speedos and sunglasses strut up and down the beach in a constant parade of … Continue reading

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Boots In The Night

I stand on the subway platform in my boots and leather vest waiting in the heat for the next train headed west.  Two hipster gays across the tracks stare and whisper something to each other as we all mutually check … Continue reading

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I Now Pronounce You, Man and Man

I awoke last Saturday morning to a good-natured and joking proposal of marriage from my boyfriend.  “Did we get the vote?” I mumbled as I blurred into wakefulness.  Yes, we got the vote.  Fags can marry in New York now. … Continue reading

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It Gets Better. But why wait?!

Most of us are familiar with the inspirational campaign, “It Gets Better”, that has been created to encourage gay youth to keep on pushing forward and embracing who they are because ONE DAY things will be better for them.  The … Continue reading

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Are you one of THOSE people…?

The other night I was at a bar in the East Village wearing my boots and leather suspenders and a young woman sitting nearby asked, “are you one of those people into leather??” She had been discussing the recent Black … Continue reading

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If you can’t love yourself…

If there’s one thing we could all benefit from it’s a healthy dose of self-confidence. I know, some of you big Doms out there are thinking, “Heh, I’ve got all the confidence I need.  I’m a handsome stud with muscles … Continue reading

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Backstage at Mr. SF Leather

A drag queen, a leather cop, and a boy walk together down the sidewalk each with their own unique posture and gait: she is elegant and smooth, he is strong and assured, and the boy struggles with the weight of … Continue reading

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Today I turn 29 years old.  I’m totally stoked to be such a strong prime number age despite the constant reminders that, “this is your last year in your twenties!”. I went out over the weekend to celebrate with some … Continue reading

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